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11 January 2017

BAPTISM ( black metal, Finland)

BAPTISM deliver another album firmly rooted in Finnish black metal orthodoxy. Again their raw and unbound musical fierceness is counterbalanced by epic melodies buried underneath a shredding onslaught and majestic atmospheres.

30 November 2016

FIMBULTYR ( viking black metal, Sweden )

The Swedish viking black metal band FIMBULTYR has their second album "Niddikter" out. A video was also shot for the single "Oförgätlig Erinran".

08 November 2016

BLACK WITCHERY ( black metal, USA)

During its nearly 20-year history, Black Witchery has appropriately earned recognition as one of the most important cults of bestial black metal, and black metal in general, ever to have emerged from North America.

ENDALOK ( black metal, Iceland )

Hellthrasher Productions and Signal Rex are proud to present the debut demo of ENDALOK - Englaryk.
Hailing from the currently-hot Icelandicblack metal scene, ENDALOK bear many of the same immersive traits as their established countrymen,but...

18 October 2016

WHISKEY RITUAL (Black 'n' Roll, Italy)

Whiskey Ritual's anticipated third album, Blow With the Devil, is a jewel of filthy, misanthropic black 'n' roll. Blow With the Devil comprises ten anthems of disgust and degradation. Whiskey Ritual hail from Italy, which has long maintained a thriving metalpunk scene as well as a small but well-regarded black metal one.

20 September 2016

PERUNWIT (ambient, folk, Poland)

Polish pagan folk ambient band Perunwit sixth album. Heaten is a vast magical journey to a forgotten, hidden world. New  Perunwit album is a musical voyage of tracks made of climate samples and sounds.