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17 September 2017

BMW Driving Song

One of the most entrancing songs in indie music has been hacked into selling cars, which mafia bosses and their hunks love to drive. 

Lisa Gerard (Dead Can Dance) in her own words: "Music keeps people sensitive and helps them to feel. It keeps the heart soft so it can hear the truth and doesn’t become hardened to making decisions based on unselfish interest. Music is an olive branch, a way of celebrating and sharing."*

Nicely put. Well, I've just seen and advert where Lisa Gerad's song was employed to hack us onto new model of BMW. Would you belive it, knowing her approach to art?! Nope. Lisa, do you need a mortgage repayment? I don't think so, you old enough to have a home on your own.


Job Ware

List of responsibilities takes A4 page, but you are only paid the National Minimum Wage. How Dare They?!!

What a heck? You are in a role of care assistant with responsibilities written down as you would be applying for an Account Manager, but they will pay you only 7.50 (2017) per hour. How is that? Financial crisis bearings comes to the point where people can't find jobs because they are too demanding, and paid like shite.
Who cares?

16 September 2017

Last of the Summer Fest

A community fan-fair. We are all not 'dead' yet.

A community spirit is achingly difficult to maintain in society where moving homes is more obvious. Because when you are in your 30s and you moved more the three times, you are not likely to be and feel the community spirit. (Well, who cares. Not idiocrats who care only about themselves.)

The true magic and trick is to keep a community spirit in a truly medieval mode ( in a positive, enchanting way) in a place where most of the households are on the 'move in and out'. And this is what one can experience in some parts of England. Truly amazing, fan loving fairs.

15 September 2017

Dating Shame

Who would choose a date seeing only his/hers genitals? A new match-making principia.

Fully naked bodies in glass boxes, prime evening time on national television. No joke. Only boobs, dicks, pussies, bums. The rest is a mere background. No personality, no face. That what cunts... Sorry, counts.

Those downfall buggers who take part in Naked Attraction TV programme are quite serious about it. What are their minds composed of?

06 January 2016

Shapeshifters in Graphic

The graphic captured me instantly. I have found it in the abyss of the internet and had to find out who is behind. Fortunately, there are some people who put credits on others people work they share, whenever possible.

The painting is after an old picture by Stephan Ohlsen in the Shapeshifter style, done for the  BONE MAN album "Shapeshifter" (Pink Tank Rec.2015) as poster, by Samson Goetze, German graphic and illustrator. Below is a quick interview with Samson.

19 September 2015

BONE MAN (stoner, Germany)

Bone Man is a psychedelic rock group from northern Germany. The band has been shaped in times of pervasive teenage angst, and has ever since been about the corrosive hardships of life that contaminate the soul and the people in a world of mundane welfare and growing mental poverty.