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09 January 2015

LYKAION (hard rock/dark metal, Italy)

Lykaion, an Italian Dark metal band whose style links to the interrupted project of '90s gothic metal bands, re-reading it in its own unique way.
Heavy Lullabies include influences from new hard rock/sleaze Swedish sounds, and the romantic/decadent vision of bands like Him, To Die For and Katatonia.

Heavy Lullabies is the band's second album, and it represents a step forward compared to the debut album Nothin' but death. Their record label, Inverse Rec.:
The result is a perfect balance between scratching sounds and straightforward melodies who will easily stick in your head after just one listening, in a perfect range from ballads to heavier songs.
The band promoted their music with prestigious live acts, opening for Deep Purple, Kreator, Moonspell, Behemoth, Dragonforce, Huntress, Kissin Dynamite and many more.

Heavy Lullabies is released February 6th by a Finnish label Inverse Records.
More Info: LYKAION