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10 January 2015

SIMUS (progressive metal, Italy)

Many musicians have the same in mind: "trying to be as true and original as possible and looking for inspiration from many other artistic fields". Nothing new under the Sun and Moon.
Simus, as a band, seems to have exactly the same on priority list.

Formed in 2008 and "since the beginning they have been aware of their precise and ambitious goal: to express themselves in music, trying to be as true and original as possible, looking for inspiration from many other artistic fields, in order to involve their audience and make it reflect upon their work" as we read in the promo-note. If you want to be involved, read on, listen to!
Some of the works conceived in this initial phase are included in their first EP Human Prison, recorded and mixed in Summer 2009 at Studio One Black Sock in Turin, Italy.

In February 2010 the group signed its first contract with Myphonic Records, officially making their first step into the music world. The band promoted the EP by playing live as much as possible, including a Russian tour, and in 2012 they released their first music videos for the song "Planet Cayak" which will be included in the band's upcoming new album, out in February 2015 on Bakerteam Records.
 "The Soulmaker" video is also a piece from Vox Vult.

 Vox Vult
(Bakerteam Rec. 2015)

- Giano
- Vox Vult
- Planet Caiak
- Mantis
- Who am I ?
- The Soulmaker
- Bitter Taste
- Fakir
- Deus Vult
- Requiem For My Moon
- The Golden Pendulum Of Babylon

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