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06 February 2015

PRYAPISME (electro-synth metal, France)

"Pryapisme is a band who doesn't know how to write biography since 2000. After studying ninja, a re-conversion in the cons-expertise of technical equipment for a massive group of automotive, Pryapisme offers an avantgardist re-reading of the works of Tolstoy, but with real pieces of pizza inside."

"Pryapisme is a band with a grotesque patronym, who plays incongruous music, and is obviously doomed to commercial failure and inexorable criticism" - this is the first sentence of their biography, enough said. 

Futurologie will be released on February 9th 2015 via Apathia Records, (USA: February 10th). For fans of Mr Bungle, Secret Chiefs 3, Frank Zappa, or the good old Sega Master System (but the second version, with Alex Kidd included).