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04 February 2015

SautruS (progressive stoner, Poland)

Heavy tuned psychedelic rock band from Tricity (Trójmiasto), formed in 2010. They combine the deepest late 60's elements with hard driven metal influences.

SautruS released EP Kuelmaggah misticism - The Prologue in 2012, highly acclaimed in the genre. Debut LP Reed: Chapter One was released in 2014 by Pink Tank Records.
They have toured across Poland and Northern Europe and shared the stage with Ampacity, Blues Pills, Belzebong, Weedpecker, Dopelord, Grandloom, Greenleaf, Bone Man, Mars Red Sky, Planet of Zeus or Samsara Blues Experiment.

The plans are to enter the studio and record their new album at the end of the 2015.

Weno's talented clear vocal provides a psychedelic input, devilish at times, and it is at the core of Sautrus music arrangements. Stoney, doomy, intriguing.
Psychedelic atmosphere with full-time melodic and galvanic twists.

Weno Winter - Vocals
Michał Nowak - Guitar
Michał Młyniec - Bass
Piotr 'Ochota' Ochociński - Drums
Ragnar- Visuals.