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29 April 2015

BelzebonG (stoner/doom, Poland)

Originating in 2008, Kielce, (the magic city of unearthly hurricanes and pocket-knives), Belzebong unleashed first Demo the very next year and signs to Emetic Records to release full-lenght in 2011, greatly acclaimed, Sonic Scapes & Weedy Grooves. Second LP comes in 2015, Greenferno.

In between the two albums there were some line-up changes and one track EP Dungeon Vultures.

Belzebong steady and firm progress makes it one of the forward bands of Polish stoner scene. Their methodical leadwork, driven by solid riffs, gives a lasting impression of no dashing about. Simply, they only seem interested in becoming more heavier and harder so the listeners thought-infected-brains are melting away.


Greenferno was recorded and mixed by Satanic Audio, and mastered by MichaƂ Pijocha (Redshift Studio).

The track listing:
1. Diabolical Dopenosis
2. Inhale in Hell
3. Goat Smokin' Blues
4. The Undertoker

Sheepy Dude: Bass
Cheesy Dude: Guitars (also Soma Process, ex-Joy Machine, ex-Sorcerer)   
Alky Dude: Guitars (also: Ojciec Dyktator, Dishell)
Hexy Dude: Drums
Boogey Dude: Visuals