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23 May 2015

CHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH (groove/thrash/death metal, Poland)

CHAOS ENGINE RESEARCH  The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence. Powerfull riffs combined with two varying vocals and grooving rhythm section stand as the core of the band's sound. Debut full-length album by the Polish Groove/Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal band.

The music smoothly goes from brutal growls to nice clean singing, from heavy guitars and blasting rhythm section to gentle acoustic sounds. You also can hear some electronic, keyboards, scratches or even viola playing along.

This concept album will tell you a story - lyrics are in the form of drama, stylized for an antique tragedy. The intention of the album is to draw the listeners’ attention to the fact that despite conviction of “internal freedom”, we allow ourselves to be trapped in the media and political manipulation that inflicts its views and convictions, which have nothing in common with reality.

The band encourages thinking over the issues which are really important – it wants to provoke people to reflect. Chaos Engine Research encourages to think independently and to stand up to the divisions and barriers that arise only to justify a passive attitude toward the problems of today’s world.

The sound of this record is a result of work of Przemyslaw 'Perla' Wejmann of Perlazza Studio, Poland and Tue Madsen of Antfarm Studio, Denmark.
A must-have for fans of: Sepultura, Soulfly, Pantera, Machine Head, Slipknot and Ektomorf

   The Legend Written By An Anonymous Spirit Of Silence (2014)

1. Passion's Burning Flame 4:19
 2. Critical Mass 4:17
 3. Go Away 3:40
 4. Psychotic Waltz 3:27
 5. Cruel Ultimatum 3:15
 6. Break the Chains 4:16
 7. All-pervading Illusion 3:47
 8. Monument of Silence 5:18
 9. Sign of Transformation 3:33
 10. Pleasure of Killing 2:49
 11. Night Butterfly 4:49
 12. Epilogue 4:30