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25 May 2015

SEREMONIA (psychedelic rock, Finland)

Finnish heavy psych - rockers Seremonia dive deeper than ever into the dark psychedelic abyss with their third album Kristalliarkki (The Crystal Ark). With lyrics (still all in their native tongue) revolving around the spiritual cult practices and teachings of a mysterious doomsday cult, the album also explores the cultist mindset musically.

The heavy riffing, the psychedelic solos, the out-of-control drum fills, the blood-chilling vocal delivery and the collective free rock freak-outs all go way beyond just playing good ol' heavy rock. Seremonia is a band on a sacred mission, possessed by the black flame of rock'n'roll.

Kristalliarkki bears their trademark garage doom sound and catchy riffage, and adds an abundance of acid rock experimentalism, proto punk anger, sacred music bliss and even some cosmic jazz flawors in the 15-minute namepiece of the album. It's a hard rocking hard rock record, but a wonderfully weird one. Even by Seremonia's weirdo standards.

Seremonia is a five piece band from Finland, playing heavy psychedelic rock and singing in their native language, finnish. Their eponymous debut album was released by Svart Records in 2012. Since then, the band has played their creepy brand of psych rock on very different venues, be it small punk rock dives or bigger festivals like Finland's Tuska, Denmark's Heavy Days in Doomtown, Sweden's Muskelrock or Holland's Roadburn. Both on acclaimed albums and ferocious live shows, Seremonia's original take on the genre has earned them a good name amongst the global community of psych rock lovers.

Rock'n'rollin maailma / Nämä kesäiset päivät -7" (2012 Svart)
Seremonia -LP/cd (2012 Svart)
Ovi / Vastaus rukouksiisi -7" (2013 Svart)
Ihminen -LP/cd (2013 Svart)
Hasiskultti / Hulluus -7” (2015 Svart)
Kristalliarkki -LP/cd (2015 Svart)