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17 June 2015

HYPOTHERMIA (post-metal/rock, Sweden)

HYPOTHERMIA features musicians of Lifelover and Kall Fame, known for its ethereal and black metal/rock output. The new album  Svartkonst  has been recorded with the intention of giving more depth to the music itself.

The band was founded in 2001 as a means to channel negativity and manifest it in audial form.

"Following ancient traditions carried in spirit and blood, through wanderings and introspective journeys a communion with a deity of the void is formed" - comments Kim Carlsson (guitars).

The mysticism of HYPOTHERMIA is characterized by its highly ritualistic compositions, which are conducted in shamanistic trances of minimalism, and binding their followers in its meditative spell. Always recorded live, sharing with the world something honest and unique.

After being active for thirteen years the constellation of HYPOTHERMIA that has evolved through the years from a duo to a trio, will be stepping further out of obscurity by slowly evolving to an orchestra.  Svartkonst  is the first child of this new path, featuring a guest appearance of the violinist, E.B.