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21 July 2015

Gallileous (stoner/doom, Poland)

Complicated past of Gallileous, performing funeral doom metal in mid 90's and the reinvention since the comeback in 2006, serves the latest release, Voodoom Protonauts, as a psychedelic freaking chants. Lurking vibe throughout.

"New album from this Polish act, featuring 6 lengthy compositions. Metallurgical rolling occult psychedelic doom metal with a spacey hypnotic atmosphere. Forget what you know. Forget what you believed in. Forget what you expected. Time to discover the secrets of all creatures not of this dimension. Keep your eyes and ears open. They're here again... Listen to the message of Voodoom Protonauts. Listen to it thrice. Listen to it again but let it go backwards. You'll find the answer who they are and where they are going!" - Epidemie Records.

Band Members:
Stona, Cebull, Mirek
Wodzisław Śląski