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27 August 2015

NETHERFELL (folk metalcore, Poland)

Folk metal band are getting better and better these days. Netherfell from the old capital city, Krakow, started in 2008 and after many line-up changes they were able to release demo Okryte Zapomnieniem in 2013. It has stirred the attention of not only the folk metal lovers.

In 2015 full debut album released via Noizgate Records (Germany) titled Między Wschodem a Zachodem. Techncially even more mature, with many engaging elements of folk and early music (use of bagpipes, hurdy gurdy, balalaika, gusle, wooden flutes, and some symphonic orchestrations) combined vigorously with hefty metal riffs. Attractive and clever female vocals (as it goes for the male voicing parts - if you're into a sound resembling a chickens' slaughterhouse at times, that's ok).

The band has played many concerts, supporting bands such as Arkona, Alestorm, Dalriada and some festival appearances. First music video Mokosz released in 2013, and now Netherfell present its new video promo-track, Kónik zmók:

Band Members:
Piotr Martuś - guitars, vocals, balalaika
Wit Rzepecki – bagpipes, tin–whistle, traditional vocals
Adrianna Zborowska – violin, vocals, recorder
Jakub Kondzielnik – drums
Łukasz Ścieranka - bass
Tomasz Indyka – vocals
Michalina Malisz (session musician) – hurdy gurdy, flute, tin-whistle