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29 August 2015

RADOGOST (folk metal, Poland)

Radogost, named after a Slavic deity, is one of the prime folk metal bands in Poland, and one of the best known abroad. Dziedzictwo Gór is their third album to date. They are back with great lyrics in native language, guttural vocals and sharp, melodic riffs.

Established in 2006, they were quick to record the demo-album Dwa hektary żywego lasu (Two Hectares of a Living Forest), and after many live-performances and few line up changes W cieniu wielkiego dębu (In the Great Oak Tree Shadow) was released in 2008. The video-clip to "Pieśń o rycerzu z Czantorii" (The Song of Czantoria Knight), a piece from the previous album, was produced by TVP Katowice also in 2008.

New Radogost squad was established in 2011 when frontman of Goddess of Sin – Velesar (Marcin Wieczorek) joined the band. The next year the group released a new album Dark Side of the Forest, promoted by a music video for the song Watra.

Third full length album Dziedzictw Gór (The Mountains' Heritage) was released by a new German label, Art of the Night Prod. Łukasz Mussi Muschiol, the founding guitarist of Radogost, had again taken on the leading vocal parts and the Polish lyrics are back.

The melodic folk metal arrangement on this record, as well as vocal in native language, can get you sometimes a thrill down the spine. This is the most mature album obviously, and it has got combined forces of sublime chivalry and natural wilderness. More on a reflective and introverted side then the mostly fun-making songs on previous albums. They give a sense of down-to-earth, up-in-the-sky, and under-the-ground feelings of heroic inner journey.

Dziedzictwo Gór (2015)

1.     Na dnie wielkiej góry    
2.     Raróg    
3.     Idę wśród gwiazd    
4.     To płynie w twojej krwi   
5.     Pożoga  
6.     Ponad głębiami czarnych wód  
7.     Czarne xęstwo      
8.     W sercu burzy    
9.     Oto mej duszy świątynia   
10.     Ananke    
11.     Słowa ze stali    
12.     Dziedzictwo  
13.     Dalej wprost przed siebie