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19 September 2015

BONE MAN (stoner, Germany)

Bone Man is a psychedelic rock group from northern Germany. The band has been shaped in times of pervasive teenage angst, and has ever since been about the corrosive hardships of life that contaminate the soul and the people in a world of mundane welfare and growing mental poverty.

During our 7 year-life span we have released two EPs, two split records with a German and an Italian band, one single on mini CD and two full-length albums on vinyl. Our next release SHAPESHIFTER is scheduled for 03.09.2015. Since 2009, we have been touring on and off through Middle Europe, including Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Belgium and Italy. This is all about raw fuzz rock, anger, human deficiencies, the spiritual abyss and the inner swamplands. To hell with it!
That's Pink Tank Records.

From the start the music on the debut album feels like a story. An enigmatic, and down-to-earth, between each other. This is what makes Bone Man so compelling. They do take a listener on to a music journey.  A style of hard rock/new romantic, the music includes vibes of both doom and space and the dreamlike quality, thrashed with fuzzy style of guitars and strong, hoarse vocalizing at times. There are explosions of robust energy and pinches of some wonderfully groovy, psychedelic guitars. Maybe that where the Shapshifter title came from...