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08 September 2015

CRAANG (psych-drone stoner, Greece)

If you want to find yourself immediately in an open, boundless landscape with prepossessing creatures flying in the space, around your head, you welcome to give it a go. Scarce vocals let the music flow interminably, stimulating the imagination in endless forms.

Naming their output the trio came up with: Rock, Jam, Lo-fi Noise, Drone, Tropicalia Fuzz Psych Trip, Elevator Music. CRAANG's To The Estimated Size Of The Universe was released through Pink Tank Records/Hevisike Records.

It is a psychedelic power trio, founded in 2011, from Thessaloniki, Greece. Astral jam session elements, crushing stoner riffs combined with majestic doom elements and a fistful of fuzz. That's what you get while listening to CRAANG. This description might seem too easy - Manos (Guitar/Vocals), Theano ( female Bass) & Nick (Drums) have got the power to open your mind and blow your brains right into space!

01 Slow Forward Jam
02 The Meteorian
01 Magnolia
02 Butterfly