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14 September 2015

Fate´s Right Band (hard rock, Sweden)

Fate´s Right Band with Jonny Lindkvist (Nocturnal Rites) from Umeå, Sweden released Knucklebuster Hits – an EP containing 4 songs with the intention to hit you like a punch in the face!

The EP consists of 4 melodic hard rock songs with great variation, influenced by the 70-80:s rock history. The songs are available (only digital at the moment) at iTunes, Spotify,  Google Play, and some other digital services. The EP was recorded at Garageland Studios in Umeå, Sweden, with Ronnie Björnström behind the levers.

- It has been a really fun and creative process producing these songs, and everybody in the band has contributed to the final result, says Jari Aalto, who plays rhythm guitar and write the lyrics. We get along very well – a really “Fate´s Right Band! And we hope that everyone that listens to the songs can hear how fun we had when we recorded them.

Fate´s Right Band was founded in the beginning of 2013 by the brothers Jari & Marko Aalto together with Jonas Andersson. Jonny Lindkvist and Jens Mann joined the band during spring 2013.

They are working with more new songs. The aim is not to release a whole album; instead they prefer to drop a couple of songs at a time.

It is not unusual in the Rock business with 2 brothers playing in the same band, but in Fate´s Right band there are 2 pairs of brothers; Jari & Marko and Jonas & Jens. Who have played together for many years.

Fate´s Right Band
·         Jari Aalto, rythm guitar
·         Marko Aalto, bass
·         Jonas Andersson, drums
·         Jens Mann, Lead guitar
·         Jonny Lindkvist, Vocal