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11 September 2015

KALEIDOBOLT (stoner, Finland)

Finland is one of those Scandinavian countries where metal is highly considered and popular in the mainstream. Kaleidobolt, a trio from Helsinki started in 2014 and the release date of their debut is summer 2015 by Pink Tank Records.

"In the short time they’ve been together, they’ve gained the reputation of being one of the most exciting live bands in Finland. Their music is a dizzying maelstrom of progressive song structures, crushing riffs and loose psychedelic soundscapes, delivered with joy and ferociousness." - Pink Tank Records.

The vintage sounds of metal, where psychedelic rock meets the heavy riffs is what drives the trio. This album is quick to receive with its chemistry: both primitive and progressive lines, fuzzy sound and soft instrumental passages rounding up from time to time.

The band have already played many gigs across Europe, including few with Sautrus in Poland.