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13 September 2015

LIBIDO FUZZ (psychedelic stoner rock, France)

Old amps, analog and tasty sound. LIBIDO FUZZ first full lenght Kaleido Lumo Age was born in 2015 via Pink Tank Records. A majestic dark, rocking psychedelic boogie band.

The trio came out of Bordeaux, in 2012. Next year EP We're A Heavy Psychedelic Boogie Band was released. Since then Libido Fuzz has been sharing the stages all over Europe with acts like Kadavar, The Machine, Sungrazer and Mars Red Sky. First full lenght - Kaleido Lumo Age was recorded in Portugal, mixed and mastered by Jan Galbas at Custom34Studio, Poland, released May 2015. Art cover by Adrien Perrier and Nick Blazy.

They "built up a huge fan base, that shows how energetic and intensive the bands' style is.
Libido Fuzz combines classic elements of finest 70's psychedelic music and mixes it up with tasty hard driven Blues stuff. Listening to the fuzzy and crispy sound of Libido Fuzz is like a liquid heavy shockwave! It's blowing your mind away, we'll bet!" - Pink Tank Records.

Imagine Led Zeppelin's psych-rock tunes combined with some The Doors attitude. Libido Fuzz should stand out for a fan of the 60’s and 70’s sounds. Immensely enjoyable trip.

Official Video:

Pierre-Alexis Mengual - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Blazy - Bass
Thibault Bison Guezennec - Drums