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14 September 2015

MOEWN (oceanic rock, Germany)

Trio founded in 2013 in Hamburg. Band's name in German translates for 'seagull' and they call their music oceanic rock. First album Acqua Alta expected in Autumn 2015 via Pink Tank Records.

MOEWN played already their first shows, accompanied by some visual forms, in late 2014 with bands such as Bone Man, Burnpilot, Känguin, Galvano and Belzebong.

"Based on instrumental jams with atmospheric delay guitars, fuzzy basslines and puristic drums, MOEWN creates an ambient soundscape somewhere between post- and progressiv rock." - Pink Tank Records.

Indeed, Acqua Alta is beautifully played instrumental album in style of classic hard rock vibes with modern space ethos (and occasionall seagulls echos :). Mesmerizing, slow repetitive sequences will suddenly flow into strong tides of breathtaking heavy riffs. Full of subtle inventiveness and immaculate arrangements, it's a journey into the world of swirling sounds drifting across oceanic endless view... Superb work.

ben: guitar
niko: bass
tim: drums