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06 January 2016

Shapeshifters in Graphic - interview

The Shapeshifter style painting is after an old picture by Stephan Ohlsen. Done for the  BONE MAN album "Shapeshifter" (Pink Tank Rec.2015) as a poster, by Samson Goetze, German graphic designer and illustrator. Below is a quick interview with Samson.

(As a chance had it, we published it on the Three Kings Day. Rock version of the Epiphany? ;)

How long did it take to transform the old photo into the poster, and whose idea was it? I mean, did the Pink Tank Records ask you to do it specifically, or was it your idea, entirely?

The guys of BONE MAN and me are cultivating a close friendship that brings a deep mutual respect for our respective creative abilities. For this reason we developed every artwork in close collaboration. The main idea comes from the guys and then get’s refined by me.
In this case Ötzi, the drummer of the band, came to me with the idea to paint this old pic in the new style of the „Shapeshifter“ LP.
It took 24 hours in summary to paint it. Distributed on umpteen days of course because of the many other client’s I’ve got. 

You do a lot of different kind of freelance graphic designer work. Is there any, that makes you most thrilled? Do you find yourself bored doing some projects?

Yeah, I do a lot of work for different graphic agency’s and magazines and sometimes I’m really "storybored“. ;) But in summary I am really happy with my job because I enjoy a lot of creative freedom. And I am my own boss, that’s an important fact, too.
Creating artworks for bands is essentially fun for me. I am rooted in the Gothic and Metal scene and in this projects I can live out this personality. And it’s a pleasure for me because the bands really appreciate what I do and are very grateful and behind every band there are many fans who celebrate my work. Applause is the bread of the artist and although I wouldn’t say that I’m an artist I enjoy this confirmation. I rather understand myself as an entertainer.

What do you think of copyrights in nowadays online culture? Apparently, anything we post on social media is own by the company who provides the facility. Do you use social media to promote your work, and - with some considerations in mind about it?

Using online platforms to promote your work is a double-edged-sword. Of course you subrogate rights to the carriers and everybody can download your work and use it for himself and you will never notice it. But on the other side you’ve got the possibility to advertise and promote yourself for free.You don’t need to engage a marketing/promotion agency to do this anymore.
In my opinion it’s an enrichment for the non commercial music scene. There is a lot of music and art that is truly great and genious. But in times of techno and mass events a big seller like Sony for example won’t support it because they won’t make enough money. The audience is too small. So we have to do it on our own and social platforms give us the possibility.
But overall this is a question everybody has to find his own answer for.

And the last - about music. Do you listen to music during your work-day? And if music is of greater importance to you, could you name artists you appreciate most, or reccommend some bands. 

Music is a big part of my life. I listen to it, I love it and I support it. I can appreciate any kind of music if it has soul and energy.
The last bands in Metal I really party are GOJIRA and SHINING. They are just awesome musicians, the songwriting is simply great and they breath energy and atmosphere.
And of course all the bands I have worked for.
BONE MAN are combining Stoner, Grunge and Folk as if this three different musical styles would have been one all the time. And Marians voice is awesome. When you listen to „Closer to the Sun“ you’ll know what I mean.
TESTSTEROLL have combined Stoner with Blues and it’s story telling aspects. Throw an ear on „Keep my Motor Runnin’“, it’s badass.
And last but not least CAMEL DRIVER an instrumental band. They create a wonderful melody and at the point you start to relax they grab you by your neck and pull you through a wall just to laugh at you and your puzzled face with a funky jazzy swing part. Listen to „Heraklion“ and confess. ;)

Thanks for your "confession" :)
Thank you very much for your interest and support, guys!

Here is the original picture:

And Samson's shapeshifted details:

Interview by Arleta Woltowicz

Samson Goetze website