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20 October 2017

Soulful Guitar Sounds - Johannes Maria Knoll

In his hands the guitar never lies; not only gently weeps, it  roars and screams too. Joined by incredible musicians: Christian Eigner (Depeche Mode) on drums and Gerald Schaffhauser (House of Riddim, Lukascher...) on bass.
After 25 years of working with various international artists, Austian guitar player Johannes Maria Knoll decided to step into the front row to release his first instrumental - guitar-album titled "transcended".

The 17 (mainly Rock ) songs pay homage to „The Holy Bible“ with all it´s force, it´s darkness, it´s distortion, it´s epic broadness, it´s catastrophies, it´s brutality, it´s treasons, it´s light, it´s cleanness, it´s philosophy, it´s morality, it´s hope, it´s glory, it´s power, it´s kindness, it´s wisdom, it´s truth, it´s salvation and it´s love
There is nothing more to be add, just press the button and PLAY! There is no much guitar heroes left. Johannes Maria Knoll  is definetelly one of them.

Johannes Maria Knoll -  "transcended" - House Of Riddim Productions
01. creation
02. the fall of man
03. the great flood
04. confusion of tongues
05. exodus
06. the giving of the law
07. lucifer’s fall
08. his first coming
09. joy
10. temptation
11. the sermon on the mount
12. the triumphal entry into jerusalem
13. trials
14. the last supper
15. thirty pieces of silver
16. crucifixion
17. resurrection